PhD Theses

Chrysanthi Skoumpourdi

Tilte: Forms of teaching activities for the introduction of concept of probability in primary school

Fessakis Georgios

Title: Educational exploitation of computational modeling environments and especially of the relational database management systems

Kapelou Ekaterini

Title: Didactical situations of arithmetical concepts for children 5-6 years: underlining the multiplicative structures

Orfanos Stavros

Title: The importance of heterogeneous reasoning in learning and teaching relations and operations with fractions

Orfanos Stelios

Title: Modelling activities for teaching physics, with exploitation of technological learning environments

Petrou – Mpakiri Argyro

Title: Teachers’ roles and strategies during educational exploitation of technological environments that support collaborative learning in real school context

Stathopoulou Chariklia

Title: The connection between cultural contex and teaching and learning of mathematics

Chlapanis Georgios


Chaviaris Petros

Title: Types of sociomathematical interaction in mathematics classroom: observing videotaped sessions and playing roles as environments for students’ reflection

Ioannidou Irini

Title: The effect of collaborative activities with the use of wireless technological environment to spatial concepts learning

Bratitsis Tharrenos

Title: Development of flexible supporting tools for asynchronous discussions by analyzing interactions among participants, for technology supported learning