Faculty Members

Dr. Fragiskos Kalavassis is a mathematician with strong expertise in mathematics didactics at the Universities of Athens and Paris. He has been teaching at the University of the Aegean since 1989. He has published a number of about 100 scientific papers in Greek and International journals, he has edited 15 scientific books and directed international research programmes, and he is the Chief Editor of the international scientific journal “Journal for Mathematics in Education”. Since 2007, Fragiskos is the Dean of the School of Humanities at the University of the Aegean. – http://www.ltee.gr/kalavasis/

Dr. Angelique Dimitracopoulou is a professor at LTEE lab. She holds a degree in physics sciences and in sciences education as well as a PhD in information and communication technologies in education. She is the author of more than 130 scientific publications related to the design of technology-based learning environments, the implementation of ICT in genuine educational contexts, or teacher education via communities of learning. During the last years, she has been intensively working on collaborative learning environments as well as on computer based interaction analysis supporting learning activities participantsʼ self-regulation. Angelique is a member of numerous associations and scientific boards and she is highly experienced in national and EC-funded research projects. – http://www.ltee.gr/adimitr/

Dr. Sonia Kafoussi is an Associate Professor at the University of the Aegean, in Didactics of Mathematics. She has published a number of about 70 scientific papers in Greek and International journals and Conferences and she has coordinated international research programmes. She is a member of the International Commission for the Study and Improvement of Mathematics Education (CIEAEM). – http://www.ltee.gr/kafousi

Dr. Chrysanthi Skoumpourdi is an Assistant Professor at the University of the Aegean, in Didactics of Mathematics. Her research interests are related with Didactics of Early Childhood Mathematics as well as with Designing Educational Material for Early Childhood Mathematics. On these fields she has published scientific papers in Greek and International Journals and in Conferences’ Proceedings. She is the writer of two books in collaboration. She has been a member of international research programmes. – http://www.ltee.gr/skoumpourdi

Dr. Georgios Fessakis holds a B.Sc. in Informatics, a M.Sc. in Advanced Informatics Systems from N. C. University of Athens and a PhD in Informatics Didactics from University of the Aegean. He has many years of extensive experience as a researcher and as computer science teacher in secondary public schools. Georgios is teaching ICT related courses at the University of the Aegean since 2004 and he was elected as Lecturer in 2007. His main research interests include ICT design and development for learning, ICT Didactics, Intelligent systems, CSCL etc. Detailed information at: http://ltee.org/gfesakis and for the proposal: http://ltee.org/gfesakis/?page_id=115&lang=en-us

Adjunct professors

Dr. Georgia Lazakidou has a B.A. in Primary Education (University of Athens) and holds a PhD degree in Digital Systems from University of Piraeus. Her dissertation research focused on the development of the E-ARMA methodology to support computer-supported collaborative problem solving. Since 2001 she serves public education as a teacher and since 2011 she has been Principal at an Elementary School. She has been conducting research on the topic of new technologies to support teaching and learning. She is a research member of two learning technology research laboratories (http://cosy.ds.unipi.gr/index.php and http://www.ltee.gr). As a researcher she has conducted numerous studies and participated to various R&D national & European projects related to technology embedded in to education, health and public sector (e.g. TELL, Sails, ArNet, idSpace etc.) Since 2012 she teaches at Rhodes ASPAITE courses of Educational Technology and Educational Applications. Currently, she is teaching the postgraduate course of “ICTs in governing of education institutions and systems” in the Modeling Design and Development of Educational Units at the University of the Aegean. She has published scientific articles in various Greek and international conferences and journals.

Dr. Andreas Moutsios-Rentzos holds a PhD in Mathematics Education from the University of Warwick, as well as an MSc in Mathematics Education (University of Warwick) and a Ptychio (BSc) in Mathematics (National and Kapodestrian University of Athens). He is teaching Mathematics  Education related courses at the University of the Aegean. Andreas’ research interests span across various educational levels and include: The thinking styles and strategies of the students in tertiary education; The transition to the tertiary (both undergraduate and postgraduate) mathematics education; Teaching of Geometry; Research methodology issues in mathematics education; Epistemological issues in mathematics education etc.

Dr. Evangelia Gouli received her B.Sc. in Mathematics (1990) from the Department of Mathematics, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, her M.Sc. in Computer Studies (1992) from the University of Essex, UK and her Ph.D. in the area of Didactics of Informatics and web-based adaptive educational environments (2007) from the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She works in secondary education as Mathematics and Computer Science teacher and since 2008, she works as adjunct lecturer at the Department of Sciences of Pre-primary Education and of Educational Design at the University of the Aegean and as a laboratory fellow at the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education. Her research interests are in the areas of Didactics of Informatics, adaptive learning environments, web-based educational systems, collaborative learning, distance learning, blended learning, computer science education, student modeling and student assessment. She has publications in international journals (8), contributions in international book chapters (5) and papers (61) in proceedings of greek/international conferences. Detailed information at: http://hermes.di.uoa.gr/gouli/cvgouli_en.htm