PhD Staff-PhD Candidates


The Laboratory of Learning Technology and Educational Engineering (LTEE) has phd candidates in fields:

  • Didactics of Mathematics ( Supervisor Prof. Fragiskos Kalavassis field) and
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Education (Supervisor Prof. Angelique Dimitracopoulou ).

The registration of phd candidates in the laboratory began in 1998 and the selection process and study follows the rules of the department.

Additionally, the team of phd students organizes seminars at regular intervals (every three months about 4 times per year). The duration of seminars is two to three days and take place in Rhodes, and the phd students present their projects to other researchers.

Each PhD student is required to draw up a number of works covering some cognitive areas (eg Technologies in Education, Didactics of Mathematics, Educational System and Teaching, Research Methodology, Theories of Learning, Cognitive Psychology).

Also during the meeting, a discussion is made among the Supervisors teachers and the phd students on the progress of the study.

See also the Regulation and Editorial Guidelines of diplomatic and doctoral thesis of the department.

Phd Staff

Bachar ABBAS of Mohsen

arabcin [_at_] net.sy

The import of ICT in the Syrian education: Proposal of strategic drawing of educational reform.

Date of Support: 17.06.2005


Ioannidou Irini

ioan [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

The effect of synergistic activities with use of wireless technological environment in the learning of significances of space: the case of activities of use chart from children of preschool age.

Date of Support: 05.10.2007


Kapelou Ekaterini

kapelou [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

Didactics of numerical significances for children of 5-6 years: Appointment of multiplicative structures.

Date of Support: 14.09.2004


Kritikos Georgios

gkritikos [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

Analogical reflection and metacognitive skills development through collaborative modelling activities in Physics.

Date of Support: 11.09.2013


Bratitsis Tharrenos

bratitsis [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

Development of adoptive supporting tools, asynchronous discussions, via analysis of interactions between participating, for technologically supported education.

Date of Support: 06.10.2007


Orfanos Stavros

orfanos [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

The importance of heterogeneous reasoning’s in the learning and the teaching of relations and action with fractions.

Date of Support: 23.05.2003


Orfanos Stylianos

stelios [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

Activities of modeling for the teaching of Physics, with exploitation of technological environments of learning.

Date of Support: 10.03.2004


Petrou – Mpakiri Argyro

petrou [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

Roles and strategies of teachers at the educational exploitation of synergistic technological environments of learning in conditions of real order.

Date of Support: 13.07.2005


Stathopoulou – Basilonikolou Chariklia

stath [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

Connection of cultural frame with the learning and the teaching of mathematics: ethnographic study of school class with Roma children and their community of origin.

Date of Support: 09.04.2003


Skoumpourdi Chrysanthi

kara [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

Forms of training activities for the import of significance of probability in the first degree education.

Date of Support: 09.04.2003


Fessakis Georgios

gfesakis [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

Educational exploitation of calculating environments of modeling and more specifically of Relational Database Management Systems.

Date of Support: 06.10.2003


Chaviaris Petros

chaviaris [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

Types of social-mathematic interaction in the school class of mathematics: The observation of videotaped collaboration and the game of roles as environments of rethinking.

Date of Support: 06.04.2006


Chlapanis Georgios-Errikos

hlapanis [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

Creation of Communities of Learning with exploitation of Technologies of Communications: Study of Case of Concretization of Training Program of Teachers on the Technologies of Information and Communications in the Education.

Date of Support: 02.03.2006

Phd Candidates

Ventouris Akritas

akritas [_at_] in.gr

Theoretical and Historical Components of Training of Teachers in the Positive Sciences.

Date of Registration: 16.06.2006


Kokkalidis Stavros

skokkal [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

Cross-correlation of school failure with the mathematic record and the use of New Technologies: Study of case of Dodekanissos.

Date of Registration: 10.04.2003


Loxa Ioanna

loxa [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

Attitudes toward the mathematics of individuals with dyslexia: the effect of new technologies in the configuration of behaviors.

Date of Registration: 11.03.1998


Mitsoullis Christos

mitsoullis [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

Recording, study and production of instructive material on support of mathematic activities in the education.

Date of Registration: 14.01.1998


Mpousoulegga Afroditi

afrobous [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

Application of alternative methods of teaching of maternal language in the first degree education with support of Information and Communication Technologies.

Date of Registration: 25.04.2001


Mokos Evangelos

Evanmokos [_at_] hotmail.com

Designing of applications of resolution of mathematic problem in the first degree education.

Date of Registration: 16.06.2006


Stathopoulou Sofia

sosta [_at_] yahoo.gr

Mathematical thinking.

Registration Date: 15.09.2004


Tzortzakakis Georgios

tzortzak [_at_] rhodes.aegean.gr

Representations of high schools students about the Internet and the impact in the training process.

Date of Registration: 06.05.1998